Wallpapering for a commercial office property

Wallpapering can be tricky and it to get it too look good can be harder still. As professional wallpaperers we can help you to choose the right type of product, as well as fix any previous projects which may not have turned out as planned. If you’re trying to cover over existing wallpaper, have uneven walls requiring lining, wish to hang new wallpaper or have any other wallpapering requirements then we can help.

Below is a selection of some of the services we can offer as professional wallpaperers. For information on other services we offer see our painting and decorating services page.

Domestic wallpapering for a family home

  • Hanging
  • Removing
  • Painting
  • Covering
  • Stripping
  • Base Lining Services
  • 50 Inch Wide Contract Paper

Professional wallpaper hanging for a residential property