Antifouling a boat's hull to protect it from damage

S&K Decorating provide boat antifouling services alongside our our regular residential and commercial painting and decorating services. Boat antifouling will be required if you choose to keep your boat in the water for any period of time. It provides protection against growth such as algae, weeds, barnacles, and mussels from attaching to the hull as well as preventing blistering forming on the paint.

As an idea failing to apply this special biocide paint can result in brown slim accumulating on the hull after just a week or two, while shortly after a month barnacles will begin to form. This will result in using more fuel. After around 3 months the growths, weeds, barnacles and mussels will start to severely impact performance and it only gets worse from then on out.

We can provide a professional boat antifouling service to clean, strip and repaint your hull, ensuring your boat has adequate protection to keep you motoring on. Don’t risk damage to your hull by ensuring you have correctly applied the right antifouling protection.

Professional boat antifouling services ensure your hull is protected against marine growth

After having applied a special biocide paint to the boat hull to protect it from damage